About ICE Energy Learning School

ICE Energy Learning School is a training and capacity development institution with expertise in all areas of the Energy sector. We are committed to building and enhancing local expertise in Oil & Gas, Power, Energy and Climate Change, across Africa.

We have a global presence, with offices in England, Nigeria, and Portugal, as well as an extensive network of faculty members across the world.

We are different because we think outside of the box. With us, there are no limitations, there is no one size that fits all. We recognise that learning and development are unique to the individual and its organisation. Consequently, our trainings are structured against the background and goals of the target Person and the Organisation.

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Our school offers a variety of courses and opportunities. Choose your own and enjoy!

We provide a range of seminars, workshops and short courses for oil and gas professionals. These include topics dedicated to understanding energy contracts and the implementation of contracts. Also, there are workshops that engage with the plethora of issues in the energy sector, from legal, contractual and economic perspectives.

Some of our training include:

  • The Priority of Local Content
  • Oil & Gas Risk Management
  • Reshaping your Organisation: Local Content in Oil and Gas
  • A Ten Year Review of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Act
  • An Evaluation of Local Content Laws in the African Oil and Gas Sector
  • The Localisation of Strategies in the African Oil and Gas Sector

The world is in a global energy transition; with major moves from traditional E & P strategies to cleaner forms of energy. Africa cannot afford to be left behind, and as such, practitioners operating within this sector must further skill themselves to ensure relevance. Our training events span from introductory courses for beginners, to seminars and workshops for experts within the sector.

Areas of training include:

  • An Introduction to Renewable Energy (short course)
  • Preparing for Climate Change: Is Africa Ready? (short course)
  • Renewable Energy in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities
  • A Review of the Legislative Framework on Climate Change Across Africa
  • In-Roads to Cleaner Energy in Nigeria

Finance is one of the most crucial element in any energy project. Despite the growth of the energy sector across Africa, the industry has yet to adequately tackle the challenge of local access to capital. Furthermore, the complexities inherent in financing and refinancing can often leave practitioners, local investors and other interested parties, at a roadblock. Our training programmes will provide you with an understanding of financing in the energy sector, as well as critically evaluate existing frameworks in the area of access of capital.

Areas of training include:

  • Regulatory Risk Management
  • Compliance and Auditing
  • The Nigerian Cabotage Vessel Financing Fund: A Move from Theory to Practice
  • Access to Capital in West Africa: Limitations and Reform
  • An Introduction to Financial Arrangements in Power Projects (short course)
  • Basic Principles in Capital Rising for Energy Projects (short course)

Our range of training covers essential development workshops for new professionals in the Energy industry, to programmes suited to seasoned professionals. Additionally, we offer bespoke leadership programmes which involves an initial assessment to understand the vision and goals of the Person or the Organisation. This is often followed by a ‘Development Needs Analysis’ session to understand your leadership development journey and where it is you seek to get to. We will work with you to create a focused development plan and establish how best to implement the agreed programmes under the plan.

Some of our seminars and short courses include:

  • Leadership and Management Training in the Energy Industry
  • Coaching for New Graduates
  • Networking for Professional Development
  • Leveraging Local Market Knowledge
  • Utilising Technology Solutions for Management in the Energy Sector
  • Understanding Talent Acquisition in the Energy Sector